Vehicle Wrapping

Vehicle wrapping has fast become the number one choice of changing the look of your vehicle without the need for paint.

I can offer any number of colours, textures and finishes that will allow you to create a unique look to your vehicle. This can be either a full wrap or just some customisation on parts of the vehicle. The choices are endless.

To wrap your vehicle it will be fully cleaned, decontaminated (all tar spots and blemishes etc) and then stripped down which involves removal of the wheels, bumpers, side skirts, door handles, mirrors, petrol cap, lights, rear windows if required and even the roof aerial if fitted. This allows the wrap to be as close to a paint finish as possible.

An advantage of the wrap is not only the visual transformation, it also offers a degree of protection to your vehicle from stone chips, UV damage, vandalism and general wear and tear on the body work.

Xpel Paint Protection

From the day you purchase your pride and joy it will be prone to stone chips, scratches and swirl marks but with Xpel paint protection film you no longer need to worry about this.

Xpel Ultimate is a revolutionary high-quality clear paint protection film that provides a non visible protection layer that is scratch healing, self healing and stain resistant.

Carrying a 10-year warranty against yellowing, cracking, peeling, staining and hazing, Xpel Ultimate is  car film that will keep the value to your car.

Using our unique PC program, the specific measurements of your vehicle are cut to size on the plotter which then applied to the various parts of the vehicle. You can have a full vehicle protection, or if you prefer just specific parts of the vehicle.

This offers you the best protection on the market for your vehicle.


Number Plate Tinting

Gloss light smoked film, applied over the face of the number plate which remains functional. However we recommend this product is for off road use only.

Light Tinting

With a choice of gloss light smoked or gloss dark smoked tint film, which is applied on the outside of the exterior lights.

Caliper and Hub Refreshment

Coloured brake calipers can change the look of your car dramatically. Whether you want your performance brakes to stand out, or simply refresh them with standard coloured paint.

We can completely customise your brake calipers with logos and colours, with discounts available with any full wrap package.